Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Time Reminders

This is just a reminder, now that spring is here were doing spring cleaning and going outdoors more, there has been an increase of people leaving garbage outside the dumpsters, it is a $100 fine if you leave garbage outside the dumpsters, if you have something to big to fit you are responsible to bring it to the York County Garbage Collection and Recycling drop off center which is free to all residents.

York County Solid Waste Management

Collection Center Locations

Also remember the dumpsters are for phase 1 home owners only.

Also there has been an increase of people with dogs off their leash and homeowners not picking up after their dogs.

Remember not picking up after your dog and a dog not being leashed is both a violation of HOA rules and York County Ordinances and both actions are subject to a $470.00 fine and or 30 days in jail.

We can all help each other and kindly remind new homeowners and tenants about these rules.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bond is not right for the community’s future

This is from the Lake Wylie Pilot follow link here:

With the possible exception of community incorporation, this bond referendum may represent the most important community decision the residents of Lake Wylie will make in the next 20 to 30 years.

On March 22, we will be asked to approve or reject a $67 million bond referendum to make up a major portion of a $99 million school capital plan.

I encourage you to vote no.

The school board and Superintendent Marc Sosne have stated a 3,400 student high school will add diversity to high school educational offerings; lower operating costs; and “unify” Lake Wylie and Clover. I believe these contentions are wrong on all counts.

CHS already has a diverse and rich educational offering. Clover High School is ranked highly statewide. Now the board is proposing to radically change and jeopardize what has made the school great by nearly doubling the current population of the school, thus defying overwhelming evidence that doing so will likely destroy what we have. The probability is that even more offerings will take away from the core curriculum, have little student acceptance and add unjustified costs. Beneficial relationships between and among students, teachers, staff and parents will decrease significantly.

Regarding operating cost of our high school(s), most evidence shows cost per graduate is equal or lower in smaller high schools as compared to larger ones due to lower drop-out rates and fewer transfers-out. It may be slightly less expensive to contain students in larger boxes on an annual basis, but are we looking for cheap containers or high quality education leading to graduation?

Dozens of national, statewide, regional and local studies in rural, suburban and urban areas done by major universities, state departments of education including both South Carolina and North Carolina, and various highly-respected independent research organizations all over the United States have shown that high schools with more than 2,000 students have: lower test scores, lower grades, lower graduation rates, and higher drop-out rates; more truancy, and more problems with gangs, substance abuse, bullying and violence; much lower opportunities for participation in extra-curricular activities such as athletics; greatly reduced student-teacher-parent interaction; more levels of bureaucracy and less educational community resulting in decreased student loyalty; decreased likelihood of going on to college and other advanced education; and a significantly lower quality of education.

Regarding community unity, Clover and Lake Wylie are and have been for many years different in character and history. We should be celebrating the unique and desirable characteristics of each, not trying to eliminate them through so-called “unification.”

The board is using deceptive and misleading tactics in the packaging and marketing the referendum. The proposal is structured to make it appear to be an “all or nothing” proposition.

It has been said taxes will not increase because current bonds will mature and go away. The fact is current debt will not be paid off until 2027 (13 years from now), and the new bonds (probably issued in 2017) will likely add as much as 60 percent to the current property tax millage rates for 20 years including 10 years of overlap with current bonds.

The school board admits to having no backup plan. The arrogance of such an ill-considered proposal should be obvious.

For the future benefit of Lake Wylie and Clover, I believe the bond referendum as currently structured, should be soundly defeated.

Don Long is a Lake Wylie resident.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kuester sent out an email blast today, we are posting it here for those of you that do not receive the email blast:

Dear Owners,

 Please note temperatures are projected to drop into the teens tonight and over the next several days. Therefore, we encourage everyone to take every step to safeguard your pipes from freezing.

·  Please insure your heat is set to at least 70 degrees

·  Insulate any piping that may be contained in a storage shed.

·  If your unit is vacant, we encourage you to turn on the water to a slow drip.

 If you have an after hours emergency that requires our assistance please contact our maintenance service at 803-802-0004 and follow the maintenance prompts.


Rita Barrett CMCA® AMS®

Community Manager

Friday, December 6, 2013

Annual Meeting Report!

So the annual meeting was held this past Wednesday night. Things went well Rita Barrett from Kuester hosted the meeting, there is a new landscaper starting January 1st they promise to take a little more care when working near siding, fences, pine needles and lave rocks. They also will be trimming branches on the river birches that are within 12 feet of the ground whenever needed.

The HOA attorney spoke about the current situation, basically BnA would not proceed with the purchase of the lots without declarant retaining control of the HOA. The Advisory Board reviewed plans for the new houses and had several issues of concern about how they would fit into the neighborhood, BnA was not taking any suggestions for changes and is proceeding the way they want, ignoring all feedback from the community.

There was some concern raised about the quality of the houses BnA is building, several homeowners feel the quality is well below that of the homes Mercedes built. It also appears although the new homes are still two stories with a garage based on the square footage they are quite smaller than the existing phase 2 homes.

Phase 2 residents are concerned about their lack of parking spaces and would like to use parking spaces in phase 1, or even have a parking area installed next to the pool at home owners expense, opposition was quick on these ideas, it was stated phase 1 does not want to be a parking lot for phase 2, and that phase 2 homeowners have two spaces with the extended driveways and have a 3rd space by utilizing their garages.

Phase 2 residents also would like a club house built somewhere, something they were promised by Mercedes when purchasing their homes.

Volunteers were asked to sign up to serve on a new board which is expected to be selected by the declarant in January, the declarant wants to have control in relation to selling the existing lots to BnA and completing the development, but does not want to be involved in the day to day operations of the HOA and intends to appoint a board and change the covenants to give them the authority to make those day by day decisions.

This is good and welcome news. It is estimated BnA will take just less than 2 years to complete the remaining lots as soon as the declarant sells the last lot to BnA than full control will transfer to the HOA board.

Also it was noted that BnA has their own contract with the declarant that requires them to complete the paving of the roads in Phase 2.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Developer Disolves HOA Advisory Board

We have learned that the Developer, Harpers Mill Community Developers, LLC the company still controlled by Mercedes Homes and their Creditors, has dissolved the Advisory Board which started out as our Board of Directors.

So now the homeowners have no representation and say in any matters concerning our HOA......

The annual meeting is December 4th at 7pm registration starts at 6:30pm

We urge everyone who can to attend, let them know we care about our neighborhood and we are watching what they do!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HOA Fee Increase

Starting January 1st HOA fees go up for all homeowners by $10 per month, this includes both phase 1 and phase 2.

Even though we the homeowners have no control over our HOA, it is important all homeowners go to the annual meeting, if we show up, we send a message that we care and that we want to be heard, and let the powers to be that we are watching what they do.

It was actually mentioned at the special meeting a few weeks ago that the attorney was gauging the level of interest from homeowners to report back to his clients, it doesn't send much of a message when 3 or 4 homeowners show up.

Please try to mark your calendar and show up to the annual meeting this December, we all need to be involved and we all need to be heard!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

HOA Special Meeting Results

So the proposed changes did pass, to give the declarant now listed as Harpers Mill Community Developers, LLC which has been listed since the last change in 2007 although still ultimately the Buescher Family in Florida and their creditors full control until all lots are 100% complete.

BnA Homes is the builder but control of the HOA will stay with the developer. Several at the meeting did voice concern about BnA's involvement considering their track record this is understandable, once it became clear their was a lot of opposition to BnA, Rita Barrett from Kuester and Sandy Brink the President of our Advisory Board made claims that the BnA Homes that is going to build here is not the same BnA Homes associated with the Pasquinelli Family, or Portrait Homes in anyway, it was stated by them that the Pasquinelli Family is associated with BnA Management Company and not BnA Homes, someone has been seriously mis-informed.

Go to: the official BnA Homes website scroll to the bottom of the page you will see it states copyright 2013 BnA Management, LLC so we know BnA Homes and BnA management are one in the same.

Also go to  and read the last paragraph about the Portrait Homes Bankruptcy and you will clearly see that BnA has been around and is run by the Pasquinelli Family and the now defunct Portrait Homes.

It was also asked at the meeting by one homeowner about who would pay for the completion of the needed development, like paving the roads and finishing common areas in phase 2. There has been to date no money set aside by the developer and no claim of responsibility by them either, many homeowners are afraid those costs will be passed to them in the way of dues or even a special assessment, the costs of which could be over $500,000. The attorney for the developer seemed to say it was the county who would decide if paving the roads etc is required to be done by the developer or not. It appeared that Kuester seemed to think since the roads are private the county would have no say. Kuester is going to inquire and report to the homeowners at the annual meeting what they find out. One of our readers has also reached out to the county and we will update you when he receives a response.

This blog was mentioned at the meeting one homeowner stated they felt some of the information posted here was not accurate, the blog is here to inform homeowners and is written by homeowners, and has a stated goal to inform all homeowners so we can all be informed and be united to help make this neighborhood successful.

If you question any content or have concerns you can always leave a comment below any posting or you can privately email us at we accept all submissions, suggestions, tips etc.